Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cham msj 7a9ltaw ebarkonlkom bil 3eed !!

hehehehe 3edkom embarak :p

eth7kne leman et9er ay monasba bil kuwait lazim el phone yentris msjat el kil ediz msj !! 7ata ako nas ma adre 3anhom lazim etlagehom dazen msj hehehe

soo min bab el fethol :p cham msj 7a9ltaw oo min minoo ??? :p

ana so far got hmm around 5 .. 1 from cuzin 4 from friends :) oo el baqeya bacher enshala !!

oo hal no3kom edzon msjat etbarkon bil 3eed wela shnoo ??


bubbles said...

mn el3aydeen wel fayzeen inshallah ;)
hehehe ana 7a9alt maybe 20 msgs ;p
from elahal & friends ;p
bs 7asafah ma 7a9alt 3yady :( coz eshtaghalt!
ee et9adgeen me 2 fy nas mn zmaan 3anhom bs dazaw msg ya7lailhom ;p

DanDash said...

lool bubbles ya 7ilwichh :p :P

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