Sunday, October 5, 2008

how to be a famous blogger ?

wala ana ga3da afkir eshlon a5le my blog e9er famous oo el kil edshaa oo e9er ma3rof !! ya3ni ako shay lazim asweeeh wela shno ??

oo eshlon fe blogat waied ma3rofa eshlon 9araw ma3rofen ?

wedi a3rif wat to do ?! :)

hmm ana min 7osti bil blogat 7sait ena lazim ma aktib eb this language el '' english arabic'' ya3ni yaa aktib bil english or 3arabi ! bas feeh mishklaa ! my english mo thak el zood oo ma a3rif type bil 3arabi !! :/

hmmmmm :/

or lazim i post kil yom ?!

hmm a9lan ana laish abe a9er famous anyways !! :/


nQ said...

agool what is your “audio clip” song called? the guy sounds so high on love, lol, 7abaita.
the first thought that came to mind when viewing your header collage was :O OMG Lord of all TKs!!..but then,, whats up with the bucket of water :D ? lol
about your English/Arabic, I find it profoundly annoying and difficult to read.
about writing everyday: not really. just as long as you leave a post that’s rich enough to last. don’t write ashya` sakheefa kil yom..well unless you went to attract those kinda people :D
just be yourself :) *And lets hope she’s interesting enough*

cheers ;)

Nanoora ElAmoora

la tinsain.. *pouts* abi isim lighniya!

X said...

I promise to check your blog everyday to see if there are any new posts. And try to lobby people to read your blog :D !

Cheer up !

Big Pearls said...

I believe you don't do it, you just be who you are and it will eventually happen:)

Loolykinns said...

wanna be a famous blogger? GIVE AWAY COOKIES!!! I'LL BE YOUR FIRST READER!!!

mjkout said...

jarrib yimkin e7il hal ishkal.. etarjim min Arablazy lama arabic

ahmad.TV said...

Easy.. Just write about what ur good at

Oreo Madness said...

try commenting on blogs alot .. that might help :)

i loved your header, marra jameel!

DanDash said...

thanks guys :ppp