Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunset bil kout :)

this amazing picture was taken by hmm wild wild 5alte :p (tarjmoha 3ad) mashala 3alaih hes young bas 7elwa el picture ele 9awrha (i told him to take it 6ab3an :p )

kena bil kout hmm 2 weeks ago .. re7na 3ala 7azat el '3ada taqreban 3al 2pm t'3daina then temshaina .. after that re7na el manshar oo 7laina there .. then radaiana el kout oo ga3dna eb sul6an lain belail oo radaina el bait :) wala we had fun :D

enshalla next time ill post a picture i took today 3al ba7ar , sunset ba3ad :D bas taken by me this time :p

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